Profit From Your Personality

Confidence is killer! Confidence can either make or break the way your audience portrays you, your business and your message. Passion2Profession will show you how to break through "on-camera" intimidation by channeling your focus to deliver a clear, concise branded message. You'll master the fundamental steps for taking your newly found charisma on camera to convert your video and promotional content to recurring revenue. Why not profit from what you are already doing and what you love. You are your business! Your skills and passions have vast potential to bring you passive income. Together, we'll unlock that potential and begin transforming your passion into a profession. 

  • Master effective brand messaging and audience growth through well-crafted  video content. You'll learn how you can produce stunning content with just your phone!
  • Transform your expertise, experience, skills, and passion into a profit generating machine. We'll share the strategies to get you up and running quickly!
  • Weekly live virtual interactive instruction so we can address any questions you have and ensure you learn the skills needed in the digital economy.

Core Concepts Covered

Profit From Your Personality

It all starts with mindset. You have something to offer and a message that will resonate with others. Your expertise and experience are invaluable and at the same time have potential to bring you profit by doing what you already love. Many people, all over the world, would love to learn the craft you have spent years mastering. You have the ability to be an influencer in your industry. However, the time you have dedicated to mastering your craft is only a fraction of the skills needed to connect and serve your potential audience. You are the face of your business. This membership will show how to use your talent to create a revenue stream from your passion. We'll show you the exact same tools we use to connect to our audience and strategies for making them effective.  

Stronger On Camera Presence

Video can be intimidating, especially when you are trying to sell your services, products, or knowledge. We aim at ensuring you never feel self-conscious on camera ever again. We will also take a deep dive into making sure we silence any limiting stories you tell yourself about being on camera! You'll master the fundamentals of on camera performance as well as taking command of being LIVE on air where there are no "do-overs". You'll learn simple, yet powerful ways to let your personality shine through on camera that will help impact your revenue stream, revitalize your messaging, and empower your audience. We can get you started without investing thousands of dollars into expensive camera gear! We'll show your how to have great video using your phone!

Develop Influencer Mentality

Your personality is powerful. No matter how much knowledge and value you have to offer, you need a tribe that is constantly hungry for more content. You then have to be able to deliver that content to convert that hunger into action and conversion. Use your knowledge, skills, and personality to better engage with your current followers as well as drastically expand your audience reach by creating high-value creative video content. We'll teach you effective tools and strategies for effective, targeted messaging and branding while removing mental barriers to ensure you provide your audience with the value you know you offer! You'll know exactly how to get started in building the audience that will consume your content on a regular basis. We'll show how start building your audience quickly.

Improve Communication

We'll teach you how to greatly improve your audience engagement by delivering professional, effective, and value-based video and promotional content. You'll become a master at crafting branded messaging that resonates with your following and transforms interaction and views into more conversions. You'll develop command on how to use effective phrasing and language that will get your audience involved and compelled to take action. We'll also show you effective interview techniques for collaboration and how to form strategic partnerships to boost sales! You'll learn methods for boosting your confidence so you deliver the best version of yourself to your audience…because we know you're awesome…Let's show your audience how awesome you are!

Learn Together, From Each Other

The Passion2Profession Membership includes LIVE group coaching calls to keep you on track and making progress! We'll conduct the calls in a “MasterMind-like fashion and encourage 100% dedication and participation from all students. The power of the Mastermind pulls from the collective genius of a group, moving members toward individual goals faster. When we learn from each other, we experience exponential growth. Group members will be invested in holding each other accountable in their progress. The Passion2Profession team aims to help people reach their next level of personal and professional potential through a collaborative educational approach.




With over a decade of experience in professional LIVE television, I know the importance of needing to be quick on your feet when presenting on camera. The skill is more crucial than ever for businesses as the need for media and information continue to accelerate at a rapid pace. From my experiences reporting breaking news out in the field to hosting a daily lifestyle-entertainment show, the mastery of presenting on camera requires finding the right balance. Every situation is different and unique, just like YOU and your business! However, I can also tell you with absolute confidence, the most important skill you can have aside from being accurate with information, is the ability to create a relationship with "the viewer"!

Whether you're doing all the talking or you're interviewing someone, the secret is knowing how to sell through casual conversation. It's a technique I've focused on heavily with countless business owners and entrepreneurs over the last decade. I call my unique approach,  "Conversion Through Conversation". I want to teach you that incredibly valuable skill!

Having struggled with anxiety at different points in my career, I know how nerve racking lights, cameras and speaking to thousands of people can be. After overcoming years of anxiety and panic attacks (sometimes live on tv), I later grew to find incredible fulfillment in helping people feel calm when going on camera for the first time. I can give you the tools and strategies I've developed to silence the negative talk in your head so you can communicate your message on camera with confidence and charisma!


Here's What Others Have Said

Sabrina Cox, Entrepreneur and Community Advocate

"Zac will make even the most nervous on-camera guest appear to have the confidence of a pro. On camera or behind the camera, his ability to create digital media that appeals across demographics and target audiences is second to none. If there was an "it" factor, Zac has it!"

John North, Better Business Bureau, President 

"Zac engages viewers with his dynamic on-air presence as he tells the stories of the day. He draws his audience in with inquisitive tone and a confidence that peaks curiosity. His appealing command of the screen satisfies the inquiring mind of a curious market."

Tiffany Johnson, Owner of GigMerge

"Zac's ability to make a person feel comfortable telling their stories whether on camera or in general is such an amazing quality. In a world full of insecurities, Zac exudes confidence and knows how to project that to make others feel comfortable and confident"

Kevin Cornell, Hair Raising Science "

"Zac's humor and sincere approach allows him to sincerely connect with guests he interviews. His professionalism and ability to understand his audience allows him to make authentic connections on and off air."

Tami Doling, Silver Lining Organizers

"Zac is amazing in front of the camera! He makes the viewer feel like they are in the room with him. He makes the guest feel like they are visiting a good friend. I love working with him AND watching him."

Gery Deer, Owner of GLD Enterprises 

"Having worked with countless on-air talents I can say Zac stands out. His easy style and professionalism on-camera are only matched by his way of always making the guest/interviewee feel important and their time appreciated."

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  • Passion2Profession Training Portal
  • 4 NEW Content Training Deliverables Each Month 
  • LIVE Group Coaching Call Each Week
  • Private Facebook Group
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  • Passion2Profession Training Portal
  • 4 NEW Content Training Deliverables Each Month 
  • LIVE Group Coaching Call Each Week
  • Private Facebook Group
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1 On 1 Coaching

Book Call For Pricing

ALL THE PERKS of the Membership PLUS 1 On 1 Strategy Calls and Coaching

  • Passion2Profession Training Portal
  • 4 NEW Content Training Deliverables Each Month 
  • LIVE Group Coaching Call Each Week
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Exclusive Offers Only For Members